Launch the rising generation toward passion, purpose, and meaningful living…Avoid the trap of associating net-worth with self-worth

Rising Generation Coaching Program

For individuals who

Are uncertain of what to do with their life.

Feel like they are floundering & want to launch.

Could benefit from increased motivation & accountability.

Struggle to understand how wealth fits into their identity.

Need someone to talk to regularly, but do not need therapy

Details: Six- 12 month commitment, remote coaching.

Exercises & Assessments: Northbound Values, Real Colors, Clifton StrengthsFinder, Communications Skills Workbook, Accountability & Action Planning Notebook, and more as needed.

Rising Generation Workshops

Custom designed workshops for siblings, cousins, or larger group of rising generation inheritors of wealth and/or family business. Done in conjunction with larger family work or independently.

Example workshops:

  • Opportunities & challenges of inheritance

  • Financial literacy topics

  • Value-aligned living / investing

  • Understanding relationship with money

  • Communication with older generations

  • Conflict management skill building

Pre- and Early-Marriage Package

Dating & Wealthy Package

Financial Basics Bootcamp Package