Family Retreats

Weave memories and meaning into your family tapestry

Entry and Advanced Retreat Options


Connect, learn, and grow with your Children.

To successfully navigate the complexities of wealth, stay connected as a family, and support your children to integrate resources in a healthy way, you need to be equipped with the right tools and experience.

You will be amazed by the profound impact of three, fully-present days with your family. The retreat does a number of critical things for you:

  1. It provides the uninterrupted space and time to break from old patterns and allow new learning to unfold.

  2. It equips you with specific knowledge and skills that prepare you to navigate the wealth landscape successfully (i.e. specific conversations, decisions, transitions, marriages, challenges etc.) and grow closer while doing so.

  3. It gives you the opportunity to connect deeply with your family.

Gather your family to create a fun, relaxing, skill-building, purposeful memory. Invest in the process of transforming wealth into an intentional gift.

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Katie Spencer

I remember my family’s first retreat like it was yesterday. We were in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Mixed in to our intentional, facilitated time, was the beauty of the mountains, play on the ski slopes, delicious food, and agenda-less time by the fire.

Each retreat since that time serves as another cornerstone of memory, growth, connection and skills that we rely on.

These intentional getaways help me grow as an individual and in relationship with each of my family members. They also implicitly communicate how much my parents love and want to support me as I and we grow.

Few things bring me more joy than facilitating this kind of experience for others.


 How It Works

Entry Retreat


We customize the retreat based on a variation of the Family Discovery Assessment. I engage with each family member to get to know them, introduce the retreat, and explain pre-retreat exercises.

Before the retreat, each family member will complete a couple of basic exercises to maximize the time we have together during retreat days.


The two-night retreat focuses on authentic, undistracted connection in a novel place.

Interactive sessions teach critical knowledge and skills that you will use in all future communication about wealth.

You will leave the retreat with a better understanding of each person’s values, strengths, behavior, and goals.

We integrate outdoor adventure to provide experiential learning, stress-reduction, and foundational memories.

Follow Up

Follow up activities enhance the long-term benefits of the retreat without being time-intensive. Activities include:

  • Feedback interviews with each family member.

  • A retreat report (presented verbally) including post-retreat feedback and recommended next steps.

  • A few homework exercises.

  • A check-in call within three months.

  • A follow up call with imitators 6 months later.


 How It Works

Advanced Retreat



I begin by working with the initiator(s) to understand the family system, identify goals, craft a legacy letter of intention, and introduce the family engagement.

I then engage with each member of the family to prepare for the retreat. Preparation includes an interview and individual summary report (see family discovery report), plus a couple of assessments and exercises that allow us to hit the ground running in the retreat.

This beginning phase allows provides multiple benefits to the family:

  • Facilitates immediate connection through communication of the legacy letter of intention

  • Deepens each person’s engagement and investment in the process

  • Provides immediate tools and resources to family members

  • Builds our relationship in advance

  • Allows for further customization of the retreat experience


The two-night retreat focuses on authentic, undistracted connection in a novel place.

Family members arrive ready to build upon their preparation work. Interactive sessions enhance the knowledge (of self and each other) and learn the tools your family will rely on for years to come. allow families to share and then enhance work they have already done, providing critical knowledge and skills that you will use in all future communication about wealth.

You will leave with the foundation for your success as a family. You will have strong understanding of each person’s values, strengths, behavior, and goals as well as the specific communication skills and strategies necessary for the long-term health of your family system.

We integrate outdoor adventure to provide experiential learning, stress-reduction, and foundational memories.



The post-retreat experience is customized in order to enhance the long-term benefits of the retreat. This portion of the engagement can include:

  • Feedback interviews with each family member

  • A retreat report (presented verbally) including post-retreat feedback and recommended next steps

  • A few customized homework exercises to facilitate integration of learned tools

  • Follow up calls to monitor progress toward individual and family goals identified on the retreat

  • Follow up communication with the initiators to monitor outcomes and identify next steps


Retreat Options


CLazyU Ranch

An idyllic family gathering destination in Granby, Colorado. Experience a family dynamics retreat with all of the beauty, activity, and luxury that this magical place has to offer. I host retreats at this destination September-May. Availability is limited and the ranch books far in advance. Warning: You will likely become hooked on this place!

Vail Valley Vacation Home

Bring your family to your vacation home or rent a home in the Vail Valley. We partner with a local company to organize rentals, food, activities, child-care, etc.

Further Customization

Please reach out to see if the following options are a possibility:

  • Retreat content at a self-organized, alternate location.

  • Couples and extended family retreats

  • Different length retreats

  • Customized outdoor challenges (multiple levels of intensity) with my Special-Ops partners!


 Future Work Together

Retreat Prerequisite

The Northbound family retreat process creates the baseline that all families need in order to integrate any other work. Most of the time, this step is skipped because families and their advisors want a quick fix. This is why families are left wondering why their meetings, seminars, and other interventions are not leading to the desired results.

Thus, once you have participated in a family retreat, we can explore the option of ongoing family meetings, retreats, consultation, and other impactful interventions.



“Katie leads from her heart combining personal experience with in-depth expertise in family wealth dynamics.  She did her homework to craft an interactive and engaging retreat experience that was very well-received by our members.  Her content and delivery style on stewardship and communication with family hit the mark for our peer learning community of very successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators.”

Tiger 21 Chair

“Getting my Dad to agree to do Real Colors was not easy and he had it in his mind that it would be a waste of time (by the end he was probably the one who enjoyed it most).  It did not take long for everyone to start enjoying the activity. Real Colors taught us about ourselves as well we each other. Even as a close-knit family, Real Colors broke down preconceptions we had of each other and allowed us to see one another in a new way. We learned how to communicate with each other better as well as listen and communicate to others outside of our family. This has come in very handy for both my brother and me in interviews as well as workplace relationships and communications.”

My entire family left that day feeling a lot closer and them we understood each other much better than before. For several weeks after, my Dad told pretty much everyone how cool it was and all about what he had learned. My parents still talk about how great of an experience it was. Katie did a great job bringing my family together and teaching us all valuable interpersonal skills.”

G2 Family Member

 “In my years of working with Katie, I’ve been impressed by her ability to see the big picture all while paying attention to the important details that matter. She tackles large projects in a gentle, consistent manner; knowing that incremental changes and improvements in a target direction are the keys to making a positive impact. Katie naturally combines her tenacity and perseverance with her extensive experience and education to make her a polished gem to work within any capacity. I enjoy every opportunity I get to work with Katie.”



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