Parent Coaching

Wholehearted parenting for nourished relationships


Dearest mom or dad,

I need you more than I need anyone else in the world. When I was a baby, I depended on you. As I have grown, our relationship has changed. It is supposed to.

I understand it is confusing that I do not want you to grip on too tightly nor do I want you to let me go. Let’s acknowledge the confusion and get the support we need to navigate the grey.

I want you to be happy. The more you take care of yourself and do what gives your life meaning (outside of me) the more I learn to do the same. The more you show up authentically as you, the more freedom I feel to show up authentically as me.

I really want you to see me. Please do the work that you need to do in order to be fully engaged with me. It know it is hard, but your vulnerability is your strength and I learn the most from you when I witness your capacity to keep growing.

Your work is to model self-worth and authenticity, and develop the practices that show me how deeply you are paying attention. The health and depth of our connection depends on it, and I want that more than anything.


Your child


Katie Spencer

One of the most important things my children have taught me is how closely they are watching. As a daughter I know that this reality does not change. They will not learn how to stay true to and love themselves without my example. They will not learn how to have authentic relationships unless I show them. It is hard work that I must always prioritize.

I do not walk the journey of motherhood alone and you do not need to either. Let me support you as you navigate the different stages of parenthood and identity. We have the same goal of happiness and healthy, strong relationships.



How It Works

initial consult

In our initial consult, I want to understand who you are, and your current challenges and concerns as a parent.

We will discuss our plan for the coaching commitment.

Remote Coaching

You participate in one-on-one remote coaching calls, customized to meet your needs. Common areas of focus include:

  • Re-connecting with and integrating your unique, individual identity with your role as a mother or father.

  • Identifying the unique realities and needs at your particular stage of parenthood and your child’s stage of development.

  • Committing to specific actions to support you and your relationship with each child.

A Plan Forward

Throughout our time together you will be creating and implementing practices that will serve you for the rest of your life. Strengthening your unique purpose as well as your relationship with your children.

The goal is to need me less and trust yourself more. Once we have identified the right time to wind down our monthly commitment, you will be able to reach out for coaching calls as needed.


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