Next-Gen Leadership Development Program

Elevate your experience and become the executive of your life


Emerging Leader,

Are you ready to seize your potential?

Are you ready to step into your roles and responsibilities in a more empowered, authentic way?

Have you been looking for a way to up-level your engagement in your career, in your household, on a board, in philanthropy, or in relationships?

Have you searched for support, but struggled to find a fit for your specific situation?

My clients express relief and fulfillment when they start to more fully live into their emerging leadership capacity, while also being able to explore what it means to be wealthy.

This program offers the best of executive coaching approaches and a deep understanding of the nuances of wealth and identity.

Over the course of six months you can expect to:

  • Dig deep into who you are and what matters to you.

  • Enhance your leadership skills for your specific roles and goals.

  • Experience progress as you move toward and achieve goals.

  • Develop trust in your ability to step up and into where you want to go as a leader.

The program is highly customized and requires self-initiative. Coaching is designed to build upon independent work and experiential exercises. Our work is intensive and done using a variety of communication technology platforms to promote flexibility and increase accessibility to the work.

I think you are ready.

I am here to guide you into the next authentic, fulfilling, and empowering chapter. I believe you are in a unique C-Suite that few people understand. You have the position and potential to have a significant impact on the world around you if you step into your role as the chief executive of your own life.

I believe in you,


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Katie Spencer

One of the most life-altering things that my parents did for me was to connect me with outside support. This action not only facilitated my wellbeing and healthy trajectory, but it also allowed us to enjoy our relationship in a deeper way.

I am passionate about offering this outside support so that people can enjoy their relationships and accomplish their goals.



How It Works

Self-Inquiry and Integrative Wellness

Self-Inquiry: Connect with who you are and how you want to show up in the world. A guided process of self-inquiry and understanding of how you would like authentic leadership to manifest in your life. A leadership self-assessment and development plan is based on the qualities of leadership you hope to grow into. 

Integrative Wellness: The most impactful leaders are ones who prioritize their wellbeing. We proactively assess and address your current wellness, such that it promotes your development as a leader rather than inhibit it. 

Leadership Development

Your self-inquiry, self-assessment, and development plan give us a roadmap we begin to follow. We approach your goals with curiosity and flexibility, meeting you in the present moment within the context of your big picture aspirations. 

You explore and develop the experiences and competencies identified to move you into your experience of authentic leadership and connection.

Action and Accountability

There will be a natural shift in focus toward implementation. As you integrate what you have learned, we focus on taking action, maintaining accountability, and addressing roadblocks.

You will start to trust yourself more and need me less as you gain confidence in your leadership skills and capacity.

After six months, we will assess next steps.



“In our short time working together, Katie has helped me turn my life around. With Katie’s guidance, I have been able to make some big steps in my career. She has helped me redefine my idea of success, through setting goals and monitoring progress. She is passionate, kind, motivative, and flexible in her coaching, and makes sure that we use the time how I need that week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Leadership Coaching Client


What’s Included?

  • Multiple assessment and development tools including, but not limited to: Customized leadership competency identification, 360 self-assessment, Gallup’s Wellness and Strengths Finder Assessments, the Real Colors personality inventory, Northbound Values workshop, and more.

  • A personal development plan

  • Curated virtual curriculum to facilitate independent learning

  • Access to a virtual library of interactive personal finance education (I assign specific elements, but you have access to the entire library!)

  • Daily accountability and support communication via e-mail, Slack, and live document sharing

  • Up to four remote coaching sessions/month

  • Customized experiential assignments to integrate knowledge

  • Access to a robust referral network to address your wellness and unique needs


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