Financial Engagement



Financial engagement is an important part of leading your own life and experiencing wealth as a gift.

You cannot teach financial skills without financial engagement. I am tired of hearing parents say that you are “bad with numbers,” “not financially responsible,” or simply, “not the financial person in the family.” True, quantitative analysis is not everyone’s natural strength, but these comments grossly underestimate your potential to grow into leadership of your financial future.

My teammates or your financial advisors can teach financial literacy skills down the line, but you will only learn the information if you are connected with your inner purpose, how money interacts with your purpose, movement toward your goals, and a strong baseline of overall wellness.

If financial engagement is one of your goals, we will integrate it into the next-generation leadership development program.

Personally, I do not love calculations, spreadsheets, or reading the wall street journal - believe me, I get it. However, the more I connect with my purpose and aspirations, the more energized I am about engaging with money and my family’s financial future.

Let’s skip the boring literacy skills for now and dig into what really matters. Then maybe, just maybe, those skills will become less boring and more relevant.