Next Generation Advocate


Family Leader and Advisor,

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a room with my fellow next-gens and seen their eyes rolling. The family advisors are their parent’s advisors. The family values are their parent’s values. They feel unseen, unrepresented, and all of your hard work is missing the mark.

I work collaboratively with the parents’ trusted advisors to ensure that you are effectively reaching your next-generation and addressing their needs. I will help you capitalize on the strength, passion, and leadership potential that exists in that group. I will help the next-gens into the c-suite of their own life, and families experience their full potential.

As a next-generation advocate I can:

  • Participate in family retreats run by other consultants with the primary goal of listening to and working with the next-generation.

  • Facilitate next-generation specific workshops and breakout sessions at your family gatherings.

  • Consult with parents and advisors on next-generation issues.

  • Guide cohorts and/or individuals through leadership development curriculum.

  • Serve as liaison between the next-generation and the rest of the family.