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Legacy Letter

Give your children their most cherished inheritance


If your child was perfectly thoughtful and communicative, this is what they would say

Dear Parent,

Very few things in this world, if any, mean more to me than you. As you think about how transferring resources will impact me, I want you to know that I would trade all of that for more time and connection with you. Please gift me more of you in perpetuity by writing me a legacy letter.

I will revisit this document during times of trouble, joy, and whenever I need guidance. I want to know about your love, hopes, and dreams for me and my children. Your concerns, wonderings, and wisdom. I would deeply benefit from your explicit intentions for any other resources coming my way.

We do not know what tomorrow brings, and I promise that this seemingly simple exercise will immediately become my most cherished inheritance.


Your Child and Future Generations

P.S. To help you get started, here is a free template with instructions to get something down on paper. If you want the support of a guided process see below and contact Katie.

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Katie Spencer

My great grandfather wrote a letter to his decedents that states, “As you all grow to maturity, you will have many serious problems to solve. Never deviate from right or compromise your integrity.”

I am fortunate to have inherited documents such as this one from multiple generations in my family. They are, indeed, my most cherished material possessions and what I am most excited to pass down to my children.



How It Works

First Session

During our first session you learn the letter writing process and receive your homework exercise.

Collaborative Writing

After you submit your homework exercise we schedule our content session. During this session we clarify and expand upon your responses to create the content for your letter.

Using your words, I write the first draft of your letter for your edits and feedback.

The Letter

Once we have a final document you have the option of a closing session to explore how you would like to deliver the letter and anything else that came up for you during the process.

It’s short, it’s sweet, and it accomplishes a critical task that many of us avoid because it feels too big!


A short, simple, guided process to offer the most impactful gift to your children

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