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Have you noticed that, despite your best intentions, your child or partner doesn’t always hear advice when it comes from you? It is hard to feel stuck and/or witness someone you care about feeling stuck.

It can be so frustrating when we think we can see the next step that our loved one needs to take, but they just won’t do it. Making matters worse, it can feel like every attempt at helping them pushes them further away.

Sometimes the most loving and supportive action is to take a step back, and connect your child or partner to an outside source of support. Perhaps connecting yourself with extra support is your next move.

You will be amazed by how much movement someone will make when they have an unbiased guide walking alongside them.

Your relationship will rejuvenate as you release this part of your role and dedicate your energy toward being fully present and enjoying what is good in your relationship.

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Katie Spencer

One of the most life-altering things that my parents did for me was, when they noticed I needed it, they connected me with support. This action not only facilitated my wellbeing and healthy trajectory, but it also allowed us to enjoy our relationship in a deeper way.

My parents have encouraged me to march to the beat of my own drum my entire life. They have made it clear that they will support whatever that looks like, as long as it makes me happy. I prioritize following their example as I parent my own children.

I am deeply passionate about helping others find their inner compass and move in the direction that gives their life meaning.



How It Works

initial consult

In our initial consult I will learn about your challenges, successes, and aspirations. We will determine if we are a good fit and discuss the nature of our future work together.

Remote Coaching

Monthly packages of remote coaching sessions that enhance your sense of purpose, meet your needs that day, as well as keep you on track toward your goals. Coaching may include:

  • Connecting with your inner compass and building self-worth.

  • Career coaching.

  • Value-aligned goal setting and accountability.

  • Healthy integration of wealth into your personal identity.

A Plan Forward

I encourage a minimum six month commitment in order to build trust, deepen the work, and make progress toward your identified goals.

We are both working toward you needing me less and trusting yourself more. When the time comes, we will shift into an as-needed coaching model.



“In our short time working together, Katie has helped me turn my life around. With Katie’s guidance, I have been able to make some big steps in my career. She has helped me redefine my idea of success, through setting goals and monitoring progress. She is passionate, kind, motivative, and flexible in her coaching, and makes sure that we use the time how I need that week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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