Family Discovery Process

Discover how your family will achieve the positive outcomes of wealth


you want to lead your family well.

You are curious about what you can do set your family, your kids in particular, up for long-term success in the context of wealth. You know that wealth can do harm, and you are ready to get proactive in preventing problems and/or addressing issues that exist.

You need an non-biased perspective on how to guide your family in the right direction. I will help you identify what needs to happen next by listening to the individual voices and collective story within your family system.

Breathe a sigh of relief because I will do the wrangling, the information gathering, and provide you with concrete recommendations that you can choose to act on.

Get clarity on how your family will successfully navigate, and your children successfully integrate, the opportunities and challenges of wealth.

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Katie Spencer

When my parents hired someone to work with our family they did not know where it would lead. They trusted their intuition that outside support would help us do something different than the examples around us.

They did not know what they would uncover, but they were willing to be vulnerable. Those first steps were the most important, as they paved the way for our family to grow together and flourish. Thanks to their initiative, wealth has been a gift in our lives instead of a burden.



How It Works

I engage with one family at a time for the discovery Process.

your family has my full attention.

Introduction Phase

I work with the initiator(s) of the discovery process to do a couple of things:

  • Create a legacy letter of intention articulating your hopes and dreams for your children. We use this to introduce the assessment.

  • Gain your input into the design of the engagement phase interviews. Are there certain questions you want to ask? Specific areas you would like to better understand?

With your legacy letter of intention and input into the engagement phase, we jointly reach out to your family members and I take it from there.

Family Engagement

I connect with each family member (including the initiator(s))to gather information and offer immediate resources for individual support. I include de-identified information in my final family report. Specific content of our one-on-one communication is confidential, which includes an individual summary report with recommendations for resources and support. During the engagement period, I am available to each individual for brief coaching calls as needed.

We will address:

  • Personal goals and challenges

  • Perspectives, questions, concerns regarding family dynamics

  • Perspectives, questions, concerns regarding family resources

A Plan Forward

In addition to the individual summary report, each member of the family will receive a comprehensive family report. This report highlights key findings and specific recommendations for next steps, including relevant resources and referrals.

The goal of the discovery process is to shed light on how your family system is functioning and which interventions will best set your family up for long-term success in the context of wealth.

You can choose to act on recommendations as you see fit.


What’s Included?

  • Multiple consultation initiator(s) intake process

  • Letter of intention creation: Used to introduce the process and immediately stored as an important family document.

  • Three-stage consultation process with each family member: Interview; detailed summary report with individual recommendations and resources; and feedback session to identify action plans.

  • Comprehensive family report: Key findings and recommended action plan to include specific resources and referrals.

  • Verbal presentation for feedback and to support next steps.


An immediate investment in each person in your family

Clarify the next and necessary steps to support your family without any further commitment

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