Couples Coaching

Wholehearted connection


Set and re-set yourself up for love and long-term succes.

The most important words that I heard before getting married were “you are marrying a person that you may not even know yet.” Have you ever had the thought, “who is this person?” when looking at your partner? The thing is, we keep changing. Marriage changes us, home ownership changes us, careers change us, and my goodness do kids change us. It takes work to stay connected and grow together.

Whether you are anticipating your wedding day, craving connection along the journey, or wondering if connection is even possibly anymore, outside support is key. Most of us fall victim to the phenomena of no longer being able to hear what our partners are saying.

Transparency, authentic connection, and skillful communication, are the keys to having a meaningful and happy partnership. A relationship that serves as a positive example for your children.

Couples coaching includes individual and shared work, and can explore money, as well as other important dynamics in a long-term relationships (children, household responsibilities, in-laws, work etc.)

Pause, re-set, and position yourself for success as you embark on the next chapter of your relationship, whatever that chapter is.

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Katie Spencer

I believe that my husband and I are set up for success as partners because of the intentional work we do to grow through change and challenge. Family retreats, coaching, and counseling gives us the knowledge and skills we need to keep growing together instead of apart.

We want our children to learn that a healthy relationship is an intentional relationship.



How It Works

initial consult

In our initial consult, I will ask questions designed for me to get to know each of you and customize a plan for our work together.

Coaching Sessions

You will commit to a certain number of sessions, and we will check in along the way to monitor progress and next steps. Content areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Money dynamics

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Communication skills

  • Values, strengths, and behavior

  • Marital agreements (prenups at any time) to enhance the relationship.

  • Parenting

A Plan Forward

You will have the skills you need to nurture your relationship without me.

We will collaboratively decide when this chapter of your work is complete, and I will be available for ongoing support should you need it.



“Katie helped me feel more confident in who I am. I appreciate my husband and myself for who we really are and what we bring to our relationship. Katie is VERY insightful and unassuming and very good at articulating my feelings when I’m not able to. I feel very safe with her. I feel peace. Simply put. My husband and I can interact and communicate like we never have before. Some of it verbal, some of it non-verbal. I don’t take things as personally as I used to as I know he brings his baggage to the equation too. As a couple, I feel more confident that I can bring my voice to any situation and, if not immediately understood, I have the ability to stand my ground and better articulate my feelings, instead of going into victim mode.

Partner 1

“In our work with Katie, I felt comfortable. I didn’t feel like there was any pressure. I gained an understanding of what makes myself and my wife tick with regards to our approach on money. I notice now that we are more patient with each other.”

Partner 2


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