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For LEaders

Authentically lead your organization

  1. Self-Inquiry Process: A self-assessment and deeper look at your inner life and wellbeing sets the stage for future success. The long-term success of your career and your organization depend on your ability to really show up as who you are. It also depends on your wellbeing and proactively addressing burnout.

  2. Customized Development Plan: We want to capitalize on your strengths. We also want to identify growth opportunities that truly meet your needs and the unique needs of your organization. You define what strong leadership looks like and how you want to embody it.

  3. Coaching that Moves you Forward: Our coaching is gentle, yet direct and designed to challenge you. If you are looking for a quiet sounding board or someone to simply tell you that you are doing great - this is not the place for you. We believe that if we are not growing we are dying and we are here to help you check your status quo, offer a different/new perspective, and push you out of your comfort zone.

    That is where the magic happens


for TeamS


Customized Team Assessment and Activites

Each team is unique in its make-up, stage of development, challenges, and goals. Universally true, however, is that strained or broken team dynamics decrease employee wellbeing (and thus retention) and inhibit the organization’s progress towards its mission.

  1. We begin by assessing what is currently happening within the team.

  2. We recommend actions that we believe will take the team from functioning to thriving.

  3. Having already connected with the team, we are ready to hit the ground running as we provide the selected activities.

Customized Retreat

We collaboratively design your team retreat. Retreats are held in Colorado, where we use nature and adventure to create team cohesion and address the unique needs of the group.





“Katie was a great help as our team grew and we approached new, significant projects together. Learning how to best communicate, and to strategize for our work together, allowed us to optimally leverage our strengths. Four years later, we still regularly leverage the perspective and tools Katie provided us.”


“In our short time working together, Katie has helped me turn my life around. With Katie’s guidance, I have been able to make some big steps in my career. She has helped me redefine my idea of success, through setting goals and monitoring progress. She is passionate, kind, motivative, and flexible in her coaching, and makes sure that we use the time how I need that week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”