Support for

Executives & Teams


The C-Suite

Executive coaching

We identify your goals and support you in implementing the strategies to achieve them. Your goals can be self-identified, fluid, or discovered through a leadership assessment. We are here to meet your individual needs.

Customized Leadership Assessments

An assessment should be as unique as the leader it is assessing. Our process includes the assessment, feedback, development plan, and executive coaching.

Peer-to-Peer Retreats

After a customized leadership assessment you are invited to join a cohort of leaders in similar positions and at similar stages in company development. We know that it can feel lonely at the top of a company, and there is nothing like peer-to-peer learning and support. Retreats are held in Colorado, where we capitalize on the research-backed benefits of nature to reduce stress and enhance creativity and innovation, sending you back to the intensity of your work revitalized and with action plans in place.


for TeamS


Customized Team Assessments

The most effective way to enhance team performance (and ultimately the bottom line) is to proactively build healthy dynamics and focus on individual strengths. No two teams are alike, particularly in start-up businesses. We do a comprehensive assessment of what is currently happening within the team system and what needs to happen to optimize the company’s success.

Customized Retreat

After the customized leadership assessment, we collaboratively design your team retreat. Retreats are held in Colorado, where we use nature and adventure to create team cohesion and address the unique needs of the group.





“Katie was a great help as our team grew and we approached new, significant projects together. Learning how to best communicate, and to strategize for our work together, allowed us to optimally leverage our strengths. Four years later, we still regularly leverage the perspective and tools Katie provided us.”


“In our short time working together, Katie has helped me turn my life around. With Katie’s guidance, I have been able to make some big steps in my career. She has helped me redefine my idea of success, through setting goals and monitoring progress. She is passionate, kind, motivative, and flexible in her coaching, and makes sure that we use the time how I need that week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”