Family Discovery Assessment

Discover what your family needs to experience the positive outcomes of wealth


you want to lead your family well.

You are getting curious about what you can do set your family, your kids in particular, up for long-term success in the context of wealth. You know that wealth can do harm, and you are ready to get proactive in preventing problems and/or addressing issues that exist.

Let me help you gain clarity on how each family member is doing, and what support they might need now or in the future. You do not have to figure it out alone.

In fact, you can breathe a sigh of relief because I will do the wrangling, the information gathering, and provide you with concrete recommendations that you can choose to act on.

I am an objective outsider who will help you deeply listen and genuinely hear what is happening inside your family.

Get clarity on how your family will successfully navigate, and your children successfully integrate, the opportunities and challenges of wealth.

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Katie Spencer

When my parents hired someone to work with our family they did not know where it would lead. They trusted their intuition that outside support would help us do something different than the examples around us.

They did not know what they would uncover, but they were willing to be vulnerable. Those first steps were the most important, as they paved the way for our family to grow together and flourish. Thanks to their initiative, wealth has been a gift in our lives instead of a burden.



How It Works

First Session

In our first session, I want to understand your hopes and dreams for your family.

This results in a legacy letter for your records. We use the legacy letter to introduce the discovery process to family members.

individual Sessions

I speak with each family member to gather information anonymously. We address:

  • Personal hopes and dreams.

  • Any gaps between today and living out these hopes and dreams.

  • Desires for support.

  • Questions, concerns, challenges within family relationships.

  • Questions, concerns, challenges regarding family resources.

A Plan Forward

The family report that you receive at the end of this process serves as a guide for you take the most useful next steps in helping your family reach its goals. The recommendations provided will be as specific as your family is unique. You will be able to take action as you see fit.

Each individual will also have resources they can choose to act upon, and the initiators will have a legacy letter to share with future generations.


Your Customized Report


Individual Report Summaries

Each family member interviewed receives a summary of our session - hopes and dreams, goals, desires for support, individual recommendations and resources for next steps, and a copy of the family report.

your family report

The family receives a customized report including the initiator’s legacy letter, identified strengths and growth opportunities, and specific recommendations for action. I deliver the main findings verbally to the initiators for questions and comments. A copy of this report is sent to all participants.


figure out how this assessment can address your family needs.

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